If you children are anything like mine, there is a great chance you have little idea what they get up to each day at school. In fact, if I was to believe the standard response of “nothing” then I would start to become really concerned about the learning programme they were being offered.

You no longer need to be left in the dark! Thankfully many teachers across the world have discovered Seesaw.


Seesaw is a web and app based tool that empowers students of any age to independently document what they are learning at school.

It allows our students to capture their learning with photos and videos of the physical work they have created in class. Everything is uploaded and kept organised by both the students and teachers.

Teachers then invite families to Seesaw so parents get an immediate, personalized window into their child’s learning with additional options to like or comment on students work.

Seesaw is now being introduced to classrooms across the world. If you haven’t seen this programme in action already, hit the link below so that you too can begin to see exactly what your missing out on



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